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Make Extra MoneyDo you love free money?  I started using ibotta and love it.  It is so easy to use and has lots of different ways to make extra bonus money.  If you clip coupons, then you need to look into ibotta.  It is completely free and is an excellent addition to using coupons for a double savings!  I saved $30 in just two weeks.

Sign up here.

How to Use ibotta

Signing up is easy.  Download the app and you only need to use and email and register.  Once you do, you can start looking for stores near you that you shop at frequently. 

After you pick the store that you will be going to, you simply look up the offers for that particular store.  Check the ones that you think you might use.  Don’t worry if you don’t pick the offer before your trip, you can definitely check it after.

Once you are done shopping and have your receipt in hand, you simply scan the receipt into the app.  It will give you an opportunity to make sure that all offers are on the receipt before you submit it.

Tada!  Then your account is credited.  You will get an email to confirm the credit.

Types of Offers

There are multiple offers on items such as grocery items, beauty products, alcohol, and baby products.  Most of the items range in the $0.25 – $1.50 rebate.  But there are also a lot of specialty items that are $2 or more.

Not a name brand shopper?  No worries.  There are also coupons for any brand items.  These come in handy for when you are picking items up such as cheese, milk, bread, etc. 

Besides coupons for items, you can also get money back from certain stores or companies that you use.  For example, you can get money back using or  I have even found I get a percentage back when I shop in Groupon.  So many additional ways to get money back!

Read here to learn how else you can save $100 on groceries this month!

Extra Bonuses

Make sure to sign up and once you claim at least $10 of offers, you will automatically get a $10 welcome bonus.   The sporadically have other bonuses that pop up for referring friends, and completing certian challenges such as shopping online. 

I got a $5 for shopping online and all I did was go into Amazon and ordered some batteries and toothpaste.  Items I will always need, and I also got a certain percentage back.  Double bonus.

How do I get signed up?

Simple.  Just sign into ibotta here

Other Options to Save Money

Do you shop at any of these stores?

Barnes and Noble, Target, Sam’s Club, The Home Depot, eBay, Olive Garden, PetSmart, iTunes, Etsy?

There are just too many to list!  You have to check out all the other stores and companies that offer through ibotta.  And best of all, ibotta is free!

How I saved $30 in two weeks

  • Welcome Bonus – $10
  • Other Bonuses – $10
  • Mobile Shopping Money Back – $0.57
  • Rebates from my Grocery Items – $10.00
  • I uploaded a total of 6 receipts during this time.
  • My Total $30.57

I encourage you to check it out!  Free money!

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