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Lose Weight by Walking

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Girl Cheering, Lose 35 pounds by walkingDo you want to lose weight by walking?  It doesn’t cost you anything to walk and just by getting out and moving every day, you can lose weight too. In the past 6 months I have lost 38.2 pounds (every 0.1 pound counts!).  I love to track my daily steps and I have gone from an average of 3000 steps daily to 15,000 steps. Walking provides me the opportunity to listen to podcasts or it gives me the time to reflect and solve all the problems of the world. I feel great.  Walking is an excellent form of exercise and can help you lose weight too.

Tips for Your Walking Workout

  1.  Get outside–  Being outside really does something for the soul, and it will motivate you to continue.  Now, I will admit that on those extreme weather days, the walks were shorter than normal, but every once in awhile, after I got started, the weather just didn’t bother me, and I kept going.  You will find that fresh air will stimulate your brain and help you focus.
  2. Increase Your Steps/Distance Each Week –  Little by little, I increased my average steps.  And within a few months, my average was at 15,000.  This is a great spot for me and it  is where is just naturally falls.  Somedays are higher, and somedays, I don’t even make 10,000.  It just depends, and I don’t beat myself up over it.
  3. Get out in the Morning – It is so peaceful in the morning, and there are many less distractions or things to keep me from getting out.  Morning walks have been a great time for me to reflect. This is when I get my “me time”, and I enjoy every minute of it.  I usually listen to podcasts that range from an educational topic to an inspirational one.  It is a great time to focus on me.
  4. Track What You Eat –  Of course, this weight loss is also because I started to watch what I ate and I tracked it.  I definitely cut down on sugar and tried to focus on proteins and vegetables.
  5. Switch up the Course – Walking in the same neighborhood everyday gets boring.  So on the weekends when I have more time, I like to switch it up and check out different parks or neighborhoods where I can get some steps in with fresh scenery.

Five Affordable Items Necessary for Your Walking Workout

Listed below are the 5 items that I use on my walks.  I highly recommend all of these items without hesitation.  

Walking Belt — I just found this awesome invention when the weather turned nicer and I could no longer wear a coat with pockets for my phone and car keys.  What was I to do?  Now, I was alive in the 80s and I remember those awesome fanny packs, so I started my search.  But, I had one major concern…I am a big girl, so I needed one that would fit.  This is a scary concept when ordering online.  This runner’s pack was the perfect one.  I LOVE it!  It is super stretchy and extremely comfortable.  I maybe packed it a little too full and the glue from the zipper pulled away.  Nothing a few stitches couldn’t fix though.  Affordable, roomy, stretchy…sign me up!  

Fit Bit Alta – This is by far the biggest investment I have made, but it is so worth the money for me.  It has provided me encouragement and motivation in so many ways.  I have had a FitBit for close to 6 years now, and it is my fitness tracker of choice.  I started with a FitBit One, which is a great affordable option.  It has a display that will show you how many steps you have taken.  I feel this is important in your FitBit because I don’t sync it until the end of the day to save battery on Bluetooth.  I have since graduated to a FitBit Alta, which is worn on my wrist.  I love this because I use it as my watch as well.  A great benefit is that since I don’t use BlueTooth, the battery will last up to two weeks.  I definitely think a FitBit is worth every penny!

Shoe Inserts – Uffda!  My dogs are barking at the end of a long walk.  I have a lot of issues in my feet and have continued pain in my heels.  Because of this, I generally have to buy new shoes at least every 6 months.  But, I have found the one thing that really improves my experience is shoe inserts.  This keeps the pain at a minimum.  Quick Tip:  I didn’t realize you should take out the other shoe insert from the shoe before inserting these.  Thanks to the salesman at the shoestore who helped me with this and made them even more comfortable.


Headphones – These are perfect.  I have had my pair for over 3 years now.  They don’t have to be shoved deep in my ears to stay and they are so comfortable.  They come with a long cord too!  Definitely a must have while listening to those podcasts!

Water Bottle – Love, love, love, these Contigo Water Bottles.  When we go on long hikes as a family, they are super easy to carry with or attach a carabiner to.  We currently have 5 in our cupboard at home, and the kids aren’t allowed to take them to school or activities in case they might get lost.  Yes, I am that controlling mom who cares deeply about her water bottles.


Well, there you have it, the tips I suggest for your walking workouts and the helpful accessories that will help you stay motivated.  You got this!  Just do one more step than yesterday!

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