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Make Extra Money With a  Side Hustle:  Teaching College Courses

Side Hustles are a great way to make extra money, whether you are paying down debt, saving for a big purchase, or wanting more to invest.  Side hustles are ways to make extra money that is separate from your 9-5 career, or main income earning position.  Sometimes, these side hustles can even earn you more than your career or lead into a change of what you want to do with your life.  Not only do they provide the opportunity to earn money, but they may give you the opportunity to pursue a passion.  What if these passions could lead into your full time work?  Read this story about how you can teach college courses to make extra money.

Make Extra Money

The Hustle

Teaching college level courses.  These courses could be through a local university or college, or could even be through an online university.  Instructors are mostly needed for classes catering to your atypical college student.  This could be catering to adults or those needing classes at night, on weekends, or online because they are unable to attend your typical college classes during the day Monday – Friday. 

What is the Compensation and Time Commitment?

For a three credit course, I typically am paid around $3000.  This usually includes 7 classes on site that are each 4 hours long.  I do have to do planning and grading in between classes, but this time commitment becomes less and less if I am able to teach the same course.  I have been with one college for about 10 years and have taught the same course about 10 times.  I make adjustments to the course, but it mostly stays the same.  Overall, I would say my hourly way is usually between $50-75 and hour. 

Who Can Do This?

Usually, anyone with a 4 year degree. You can look into a specific content area that you want to teach such as nursing, or education.  But you can also look into help teach the foundational courses such as writing, or communication.  The options are endless.

How to Find This Position?

You can easily look online for open positions and go right to the colleges and universities that might be near you to see if they have any adjunct faculty positions open.   I have found the best luck by reaching out to specific programs that cater to students who are unable to take classes on campus.  After I found these programs, I sent an email to the program director explaining the courses I could help them teach, and to let me know if they would need any assistance in the future.  Be prepared that they are usually scheduling instructors about 1-2 semesters ahead of time. 

Why You Chose To Do This?

I chose to do this because I am a teacher at heart, and I really enjoy working with adults.  This was a great opportunity to earn more money and even though I am away from my family for a night every week, I only choose to teach one or two courses a year.  The time commitment really isn’t that much and we use the money to pay for a family vacation every year.  So, all the time I feel I might be away from my family, I actually just think about all the fun we will have on vacation and it makes it so worth it.

Benefits or Why You Love It?

I love it because the college actually gives the material to teach.  It determines the syllabus, course readings, and assignments.  I just have to create presentations and activities to teach he content.  I have connected with other instructors for ideas and support which makes it easier.

One reason I love this is because I have the opportunity to learn from the students and it keeps me current in my field. 

What Hesitations or Obstacles Did You Have Before Starting This?

Before I started I was worried that I wouldn’t be qualified for the position.  It turns out that I was able to use quite a few of my experiences to share with students .  It is about finding your story and sharing that with others. 

Taking time away from my family was huge.  I started doing this when my children were still very young.  As stated before, we generally use the money on family time, such as vacations, so that we have a goal for the extra money.  To be honest, my kids really don’t notice the time away as much as I do.  Yes, I miss a few family dinners, but I make sure to spend lots of time with them when I get home that evening.  I also try to do all my planning and grading after they have gone to bed or when they are still at school. 

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Make Extra Money

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