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Why You Need To Overcome The, “I Work Hard, I Deserve It” Mentality

Do we deserve it allHave you ever noticed how the mentality of our culture is that we work hard so we deserve everything we give ourselves.  “It was a long day at work today, I deserve to stop and grab a Starbucks on the way home”, “I worked out extra hard this morning, so I can eat this piece of chocolate cake”, “I work hard for my money, and I deserve to live in a nice house”. 

This thinking can be dangerous in so many ways.  Instead of thinking we “deserve” everything, we should work for it, know why were are working for it and feel proud when we have reached our goal.  This is true intentional living.  Stop covering up every want with an “I deserve it” attitude.  Plan it and go after what you really want!

Why Is The “I Deserve It” Attitude Dangerous?

This attitude is dangerous because it is self-serving, can lead to the need for instant gratification which then can lead to self-destructive behaviors. 

Marketing these days is playing to this mentality.  Think about it.

Fantastic vacations to exotic locations, fancy vehicles, designer clothes, online shopping, delicious food, constant entertainment.  Everything we want, when we want it.  No thought to it. 

This leads to larger waistlines, laziness, debt up to our eyeballs, clutter of things, and mindlessness.

Positive Changes You Could See

Life is meant to be enjoyed and not wasted.  You should enjoy and indulge in moderation.  Eat simple, healthy food. Take vacations for relaxation, and not to brag about how big and exotic it was.  Be mindful of your possessions and focus on less things and more on relationships. 

This will lead to focus, appreciation for what you have, health and simplicity.  You will be living intentionally and with a purpose.

How To Change the “I Deserve It” Mentality

  1. Start by recognizing when you may say this phrase to serve you in a way to get what you want, when you want it. 
  2. Look for the benefits of waiting and not falling into“instant gratification”
  3. Be grateful for what you have already.  Start a gratitude journal.
  4. Don’t go after what you deserve, go after what you need.  The sooner you differentiate between the two, the better for you.
  5. Once you know what you need, start setting goals to achieve this.
  6. Set a reward system for along the way. 

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Remember, life is meant to be enjoyed and not wasted.  Simplify your life and find your happiness.  This will help with what you truly need.


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